My pronouns are whichever you least prefer to use for me.

This is for a few reasons. I'm hoping my gender is not easily understood. I also hope that this gets people to confront what makes certain pronouns easier to use and challenge the gender binary as well as notions of gender in their own heads. Finally, I also think it's just good practice to use pronouns you're unfamiliar with or that don't roll off the tongue.

More specifically, if you're not very familiar with trans people, consider using she/her for me. Or if you're not used to they/them pronouns, or if you find it odd a trans woman would be using he/him pronouns, give either of those a shot. If all of these are easy, try using it/its or some neopronouns you're not very familiar with. Be creative.

To be clear, I don't care specifically which words you use for me, so long as you experience and engage in a mismatch between your perception of me and my pronouns.

I understand I'm being a bit inconvenient. I'm hoping people understand my purposes here and think a bit about gender. If not, I hope I'm at least making a bit of space for other folks to do their own queer things too.